Education and Technology

At TechInvasion, we blend education and technology together to bring you useful and exciting product, gifts and gadgets. Since 2008, we’ve been supplying a select range of state-of-the-art retail gift solutions and new technology for training to some of the biggest names in retail across the UK and Europe, as well as well-known education establishments. 

Our mission is to source stylish forward-thinking products that inspire, educate and future-proof learning environments. Plus, we strive to bring the latest smart products to your stores to boost the profile of your retail brand. What’s more, our team regularly travel across the globe seeking the ‘next big thing’. We continually source new technologies that can enhance your life – when you’re at home, school, college or at the office.

TechInvasion strongly believes in fusing innovation with functionality and ‘usefulness’. It is this recipe that enables us to deliver a vast array of inspiring products reflecting the needs of your students or customers. If you have a technology gap, we can fill it. Our products can save you time and enhance your daily life - a beautiful blend of style and technology.


TechInvasion is your leading partner for educational technology. Our products enrich your students’ classroom experience by enhancing their learning capabilities.


From smart locks to paperless eWriters, our range of retail gifts and useful gadgets appear in leading high street stores across the UK and Europe.



TechInvasion was borne in 2008 from a passion for usefulness, functionality and style. Blending these key ingredients into the mix, we strike at the very heart of smart product design.

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