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TechInvasion is your leading partner for educational technology. Our products enrich your students’ classroom experience by enhancing their learning capabilities. Whether you’re looking for tools to build engaging online libraries or to encourage class discussion, we’ll source the right technology to suit your training needs.


Have you used Swivl yet in your school? Swivl is our most popular, market-leading cloud platform. It enables any teacher to upload and share video by way of a capture app, and leave private time-stamped notes, engaging feedback and dialogue. Transform your class time into a powerful learning experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning solutions. Swivl is private and secure, so you can feel confident that all content remains strictly yours. Read more

“A video reflection and skill development cloud platform for teachers and students.”
— Satarii


Upload videos captured with the Swivl app or add your own. Use the Swivl Robot and/or Expand Lens for added benefits


Leave private time-stamped notes for your own reference. Add time-stamped annotations before sharing videos.


Securely share videos and engage in transformative dialogue with public or private time-stamped comments.

Swivl C3

Comes with 3x markers for gathering more personalized insights on teachers and students to help with a range of applications.£799.95


Swivl C5

The flagship model with 5x markers. Empowers users to gather personalized insights of teachers and students during class for reflection, coaching and communicating with those outside of class.£999.95


This is just a small selection of Swivl users within the UK and we have over 5000 users in total


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